Announcing the 2024 Virginia Jaguar Club JCNA Concours!

AT LAST! (But Registrations Are Now CLOSED!)

Now, finally! After that the disruption of the pandemic is at long last in the rear view mirror, we are happy to report that the 2024 Virginia Jaguar Club’s (VJC) sanctioned JCNA Concours is ON this year and will be held on Saturday, June 8th again at the historic St. Joseph’s Villa in Richmond, Virginia. Due to a limitation in the number of qualified judges, we have had to close registrations in order to man the field and properly cover the number of cars currently entered. However you are still welcome to bring your Jaguar as part of the larger RAACA show (see below) and are welcome to park among Jaguars in the Concours.

This year’s event will again be held in conjunction with the Richmond chapter of the Antique Automobile Club of America (RAACA) and as in previous years, VJC will be sub-hosting a “show within a show.” Entries into the VJC Concours will also need to register with the RAACA show and participants will be available to receive rewards in both programs. (See

St. Joseph’s Villa is located at 8000 Brook Road, Richmond, VA and is a large park-like setting with classical architecture and is conveniently located off of I-95 at the Parham Road exit at the intersection of Parham and Brook Roads, about eight miles north of downtown Richmond.

Last year the RAACA show had over 500 vehicles and will feature over thirty food, merchandise and auto-related vendors offering something for everyone. There is easy access to the facility, plenty of parking available as well as many nearby restaurants and hotels.

The Virginia Jaguar Club has some notable cars among its membership including the oldest “Jaguar” (a 1929 SS Swallow) in The USA as well as several past national 1st place winners. In addition to JCNA member cars, the show field has traditionally chock-full of a variety of other British marques including MG, Triumph, Lotus, Aston Martin and Rolls Royce. And of course if you are a 'car person' lots of great classic American, muscle cars and hot rod custom cars as well.

The VJC Concours in past years has been highly popular with nearby NE and SE clubs within Jaguar Clubs of North America membership due to it central location on the Eastern Seaboard. VJC was the host club for the national JCNA AGM in 2012 which was attended by top officers of Jaguar USA and Ian Callum, then Chief Design Director, Jaguar Cars and famous Jaguar test driver, Norman Dewis.

Sister JCNA club judges are encouraged to be a part of our judging team. The number of entries will be limited by the quantity of certified JCNA judge, so the number of entrants will be limited. If you are from another club and are a qualified JCNA judge, please contact the VJC Cheif Judge, Sherman Taffel at Sherman Taffel on

Pre-Event Social Gathering

What would a Concours be without a bit of chin wagging and libations over our love for all things JAGUAR?!?

Meet our fellow Jag-Lovers at Virginia Center Crossings, a short drive from the event site at 1000 Virginia Center Pkwy, Glen Allen, VA 23059 We will meet in the lounge from 5:00-'Whenever' for a good time of camaraderie and fellowship.